Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Post?

I have decided to start this blog more of a journal to keep up with my devotions. I've had a hard time lately trying to stay up on doing devotions so I thought "why not try something new?" So here it is. This blog will include devotions that touched my heart in a way, and a description of how it did so. Also, it will include prayers and thoughts of the day. I most likely will not be posting every day but will be keeping up with it pretty regularly (hopefully).

If you have any prayer requests and would love for me to pray with you please send me an email at I would love to intercede for you and pray with you for the blessings and healing from God.

Also, if you have any thoughts about my blog, or the devotions or anything related to this you can either comment on the blog or send me an email as well. Would love to get your input and hear your thoughts about what God is working in your life!

God Bless,

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